Sunday, 28 December 2014

My Ebay shop Lunar_quartz ~

Hey there, so I thought while I'm back to posting again on here I may as well show you a few of the items I sell in my ebay shop, I sell a wide range of  jewellry often with a astrological theme, normally I also stock a lot of quartz pieces but I'm in the process of restocking at the minute :)

Double V / Chevron ring elven style (£4.00)Available here!

Moon Bangle (£4.00) Available Here

Moon Necklace (£4.00) Available Here

Sideways Clear Quartz necklace (£9.00)Available Here

Postage is always 99p no matter how many items you buy and I'm always happy to answer any questions, I'll often reduce the price for people if they message me saying they want multiple items. Thank you for reading hope you find something you like. x

Order from Make up Revolution Dec 2014~

Okay so after reading some of the reviews on  here for Makeup Revolution lipsticks and velvet lip lacquers I decided I had to go on a cheeky little spree on their website! Well I say cheeky but considering how crazy-cheap it is I'm not feeling all that guilty about it.
The products I bought are:

Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer- Depravity~ (£3.00)
Which from the swatches I've seen from other bloggers is a beautiful bright purple and looks a fairly good dupe for Lime Crime's Utopia Velvetine. For £3 it's worth a try at least.

Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer-Vamp~(£3.00)
This looks to be a rich burgundy red colour and in my mind bears strong semblance to my fave lippie (Revlon's super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry) which is a incredibly dark almost black red, which I feel compliments my pale almost  bloody glow-in-the-dark looking skin and creates a pretty 'grunge' vibe. I'm hoping for big things from this product.

Full Vamp Lipstick Collection~ 3 for 2! (£2.00)
Continuing along the lines of my 'I want people to run screaming from me in the street because I look like an undead creature of the night but in a good way' aesthetic I bought these 3 lipsticks, which are in a groovy offer at the minute which means you get these already insanely cheap (£1.00) each lipstick 3 for 2 making the total cost £2.00 for 3 lipsticks! It includes shades:
Rebel with cause
100% vamp
Black Heart

There are three incredible red shades. The first being 100% vamp which I actually feel like would be a pretty good dupe for the Revlon black cherry lipstick I was talking about earlier.

Rebel with cause (damn I love that name) seems like a pretty standard dark red but hey for a quid I aint complaining.

Black Heart is the darkest of the 3 and if I'm honest does look... VERY similar to 100% vamp if only a smidge darker? still looks fun to play with though and I'm wondering if I could use all three to create a bit of an ombre look? Only time will tell.

Amazing Lipstick Depraved~ (£1.00)
The sister lipstick to the 'Depravity' Velvet Lacquer I also purchased it's another vibrant purple, though from the swatches on the website it looks slightly more pastel than depravity which is fab!This is possibly the one I'm most excited to play with as I just dyed my hair black with a purple half fringe so I feel like this will look pretty cool.

So I'm aware shipping will probably take a while due to Christmas/  New Year but hopefully these beauties will be with me soon and I will be able to swatch them for you all and do a proper review.  Thank you very much for reading.
Amber x

Monday, 27 January 2014

La Riché Directions dye gallery~

Hair dye timeline~

Okay so in my time I've had many different hair colours and combinations. My dye of choice is more often that not La Riché. I love how it's a concoction that is actually healthy for your hair! and rather than taking nutrients from it like the live xxl dyes it actually conditions and leaves your hair feeling shiny and soft. I also love the smell, I mean it's a weird one to get used to but I for one love having a 'play-doh' scented head for a couple of days.  Okay so I'm gonna wrap this post up with some of my favourite hair colours I have had in these past couple of years, hope it's interesting. :3

Okay so this is probably my favourite ever hair colour, it is La Riché 's Directions dye in Turquoise. It's a great colour and imo looks even better once it's faded a bit and has a bit more of a green tone to it. I feel like this is the one to go for if you want mermaid hair.

This is the same Turquoise dye when it is very first dyed, as you can see it is much darker and pigmented.

This is Directions Violet it came out such a cool bright colour! Though as you can see one of the only downsides to this sort of colouring is you can end up with some very *ehem* 'unique' hands if you forget gloves...

I decided to go white here and had to bleach it and tone it with Directions white toner as well as washing it regularly with silver shampoo. While I adored this colour the constant bleaching and damage it was doing to my hair was too much so I decided to dive back into the colours.

The colour I have here is directions Lavender, I love this colour but in all honesty this is the only one I've ever found to fade really fast, if you want to keep the colour this bright for long this dye isn't for you, however it does fade to a pretty lilac colour.

Here I decided to mix it up a bit and do half and half hair, it is half Directions turquoise and half of their lavender. I loved this colour combination and it made me feel like a unicorn. *neigh*

after a few very lazy weeks I left that last colour to fade to this super-cute bubblegum blue! I don't even understand why my hair is stained this colour underneath as it should be purple but hey I dig it.

I went back to half and half , this time using Directions Turquoise and Violet. This is a very bright and vibrant combo and also fades to really pretty pastel colours.

Here I went for Turquoise and Spring Green (Both Directions again) I loved how funky this looked and actually kept this one quite a while.

Next I dyed it Ebony and Mandarin for Halloween, I wanted it to be those classic spooky colours. I must say I'm not  a fan of Direction's ebony as it simply doesn't last long enough for me, though as a semi-permanent dye some would see this as a pro.

Next I moved on to Superdrug's own brand box black dye and Direction's Flame. Though it had faded considerably by the time I took this photo it initially comes out very pigmented and is a really pretty colour.

Annnnd finally this is my hair now (though I've since grown out the dodgy fringe :p)  I am still using the same Superdrug black dye and am coupling it with my favourite Direction's Turquoise. I'm still deciding on my next colour but I'm hoping to get the money together to do rainbow hair. 

Thanks for reading :3

Monday, 1 April 2013

Okay so recently I've been spending a fair bit *oops* on ebay, I'm justifying it in my mind by saying that I'm using my birthday money (which I will get in a couple of weeks) and the fact that they are such bloody bargains. Alrighty then here's what I got:

Cobalt blue missguided studded collar shirt size 14 ~                                                               price:£7.20 inc postage

I've been trying hard recently to buy clothes in colours other than black, which was the perfect excuse to buy this gorgeous top, it hasn't arrived yet but I'm so excited.

7mm Gold bamboo hoop earrings~
 price: £3.00 inc postage. 

I am aware some people will think these are hideous, but hey what can I say I love tacky gaudy earrings, these arrived really fast so I've had chance to wear them already, they look great though I would have to say they aren't the most comfortable things in the world. 

Remade in England Denim Shirt with cut out shoulders~ 
price: £8.33 inc postage

I couldn't believe when I won this on ebay for such a low price! it fits me perfectly, normally I don't like wearing more fitted pieces because I am very self concious about my stomach (I am a size 14 but more often than not I wear a 16 for a baggy fit.) but it actually looks rather nice on. I love the exposed shoulder detailing and it feels like it's very good quality.

 Gold-Tone Lion Head Chunky Chain Necklace ~
price: £5.11 inc. postage

Again  I understand if this is a bit gaudy for some but I personally am a bit in love with it.
I won this auction on ebay, it is from china so I'm expecting a long wait yet until I receive it, I can't wait to wear this under a black/denim collared shirt.

and finally

4 x Dreadlock Beads Silver Tone Purple Rhinestone~
price: £5.00

Okay so these were a bit of an impulse buy, I have been wanting to buy some dreads to mix in with my natural hair for a long time but haven't got round to it/ had the balls to do it , so I was half toying with buying some yesterday, instead I decided I would buy these gorgeous beads and add them to braided sections of my hair to see how I like that. I am really excited to fiddle around with these.

Hope you enjoyed reading this (⌒▽⌒) 

DIY nebula shirts~

So a long time ago now I made some simple nebula shirts from a tutorial I found online, I used bleach acryclic paints and thick paper templates that I designed and made myself. If anyone would like me to make a tutorial on these please say, because I enjoy making these and it's so easy so I'd love to help someone else make these.
Here are the finished products:


Umm hello...

So this is my  blogspot. I've never had one of these before so there is a possibility it could become an utter shambles but I'm going to do my best to maintain it decently. I created this because although I already have a tumblr, I want to create a blog that's more personal to me and my interests. I will be posting. Well whatever I fancy really, fashion, charity shop hauls and diary entries. If this interests you please feel free to follow my ramblings on here. I hope this is the start of an interesting journey.  :)